The exploration area is apart of global classic heavy minerals areas in Mozambique and south EastAfrica. The projects are located in Deia, Qualimane city, Zambeze Province, Mozambique, approximately 10kms distant from the port. The area isone of large areas of prograding, siliciclastic sediments and ideal for accumulation of heavy mineral deposits with high quality which covers much of the south eastern African coastline.

Africa Great Wall Mining focus on working with local government to create the electricity conditions, being able to process the heavy minerals into final products locally. It currently has over 300 employees in the project.

Estimately 1billion RMB (over 163 Million USD) of investment in the project has been made and further investment will be carried out to create conditions to process the heavy sands locally.

The overall objective is to build up a magnet of heavy minerals of significance in Mozambique, deliver a stable supply of titanium feedstock to Chinese markets and create wealth for the people of Mozambique.